Unfinshed Objectives

Find a Scroll of Time

  • A young blue dragon on the Tashyvar Islands in Sarlona
  • An ex-pirate in Adar, Sarlona
  • A Djinn somewhere in Sarlona

The Search for the Airship (aka The Cadillac)

  • Reactor Core – somewhere in the Demon Wastes
  • Engine Pipe – the Grove of Guardian Trees
  • Possibility that Icewind’s Sword is the ‘key’ for the Cadillac
    • Fragment 1 is held by the Oracles of the Elden Reaches
    • Fragment 2 is in the possession of an Orc in league with the Gnome (ex-Wand). He has forged the fragment with another blade
  • 3 Rings of the Engine Core
    • 1 is aboard a Banesworn Warship in the Astral Sea, possibly near Arvandor

Vengeance for Kel’fryn

  • Defeat his former Captain

Unfinshed Objectives

The Jade Hourglass Vandar