Character Creation Rules

16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

3 bonus points to allocate across the above block, no more than 2 added to one stat

  • i.e. You can have an 18, but not a 19)
  • Racial bonuses can increase stats past 18 (an eladrin could have 20 DEX)

Armor/Weapon Prof
Stat Based
(15+ for 2H weapons, 17+ for plate, no 10 STR characters using great axes)

Saving Throws
+2 Class Bonus to one saving throw

Hit Points
15+CON SCORE at first level, 6 hp/lvl

Healing Surges Per Day
10+ CON modifier

Any 5 trained

Class Features
Any 3

  • Spellbook/Ritual Casting Class Feature is not required for spellcasting

Normal progression (as per PHB pg 39 Chart) 2/1/1 (at-will/encounter/daily) at first level

  • No multiclass feats

Paragon Path/Epic Destinies
Based on RP/Game Conditions, normal progression (PHB, pg 39)

Character Creation Rules

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