The Jade Hourglass


After drudging into this deep dark lower belly of a castle, you find yourself getting a five minute rest. Suddenly the earth above you begins to tear open, as if someone was peeling the skin off an orange. You prepare for the worse and then you see Vrek and friends tossing you down a ladder, calling for only two of you to climb up. Sath and Erza agree to stay and find at least a clue of Saths fathers location. Kel and Thav jump aboard an air ship and head off!

Underbelly of the crust

You enter the lower layers of a once large and powerful castle. Demons and traps spread through this underground labyrinth. You press forward as you search for Sath’s fathers whereabouts.

The Story So Far
last session in progress

As you tread on the headless demons slain just outside of the underground area, you think about your family and how you would feel had one gone missing. It’s almost empowering to run into the darkness to save a loved one. This brotherhood is becoming more of a family, the bonds are carried to each of you as it was your own father lost in these hills.

You head down the stairs and begin tearing apart doors and walls, crushing the compiled corpses that bind in front of you. Facing the challenges and reaping the rewards… As you open the next door you feel a cold chill and hear a loud cry… You hope it’s a foe, in fear of it being a friend. Reading yourselves to push further into the dark depths of this underground lair. Erza whispers “let’s get moving, I can’t stand another minute of waiting to save him”.


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