Welcome to the Jade Hourglass campaign!

A world covered in magic.

A continent in ruins lay before you. Elemental slaves for travels, they burn and whip wind, some smell of ash while others crack sounds of whips without moving.

Four years ago during the Last War, Cyre was destroyed; lives lost, treasures unknown lost in the grey mist and countless towns lay in rubble. The earth is retaking what was once its own. Now the once great Cyre is the dark Mournland, a fog so heavy lays on this once great country. Peace stirs but very little in these troubled times. Each country is still creating, collecting in fear of the worst. Sabotage and information, or lack of it, is all that’s left of interest to feel safe in these hard times.

The Church of Silver Flame seeks to gain fame and power, while the Dragonmarked houses work to keep the peace. Things such as the “Galifar Code of Justice” have been created to help with legal structure, rights and regulations. Everything from Cultists and Church fanatics to the Blood of Vol and even Elf religions are widespread in times where everyone looks for something greater to save them or at least grant serenity in these dangerous times.

Khorvaire is home to many beings: the unsettled Eladrin whose fey hidden homes were shattered when the Mournland was forced onto the continent. The Astral Sea, formed from the shattered dragon Siberys, is home to angels and immortal servants of the gods. The Elemental Chaos, birthed by the dragon Khyber, is filled with demons and undead which rarely come to the surface of Eberron. When that does happen everyone reels at the foul stench of rotting flesh and ash as it fills the air, choking anyone who dares to defend against the peril.

Heroes or villains, Breland defenders or Mournland experts, Silver Flame devotees or hunters of the Emerald Claw cult… they all make their own destiny. Heroes! Fight hard and prepare for epic arch enemies made over battle fields of treasure or land. Bards may sing of your glory! Or, will they sing of your tragedy? In a land where anyone may use magic, find quick travel and fight off the excitement long enough to solve the riddles lost in the lands where even weapons as small as a dagger can bring destruction or save the world with one swipe – Will you hold this power or destroy it?

Don’t rest, because the first adventure is right around the corner!

Let’s get on board and test everything out. Once I’ve figured this all out, we can add the story.

The Jade Hourglass

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